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Im tired of making excuses about why the falcons lose. you can make arguments all day long about one person on the team. if abe wouldve caught that inerception, we win. if Norrwood dosent drop 2 easy passes, the drive continues possible points. its a team game they win as a team and lose as a team. But i will say this certain things need to be addressed, i complain heavly about Mike mularkey week in and week out, more so after a loss. but i also complain about him after a win. his offensive plays are terrible, the only way we get big plays is if a player make a great move and picks up yards on his own. i can see where people get all pissed after a loss and talk about how slow turner looked, or the oline couldnt block a high school dline.

im very impressed with the defense, they looked good to me. they were flying to the ball, hitting, BLITZING and they shut down the screen. one bad punt and one good run play = game over..

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I believe that Mularkey is used to just being able to hand the ball off and be successful. I'm sick and tired of seeing up the middle for nothing, then a sideline route for 3 yards. It sickens me to watch this offense, especially after watching some real offenses on Sunday. We don't have the personnel to line up and smash the defense off the ball for 5 yards. They're not really giving Ryan a chance to be successful. They're only preventing him from totally losing the game himself. These guys have way to0 much talent to look this predictable. I listened to the game on the radio yesterday just because it sounded much better than it looked.

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