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Yes it sucks but....


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Yes it sucks to watch that crappy game, most of negative has been covered here. Mularkey's play calling, Turner's lack of production, the highest paid fullback and they run the single back too much, OL was abused,throw the ball down field etc.. etc..

But I am **** sure Smith is chewing their ***** out already this morning,that was a winnable game that they let slip away. Pittsburgh's defense is **** good too,might be the best the Falcons face all year,put that on top of an away opening game against a veteran team and sometimes you lose. We will see, the offense is still more productive in the no huddle than their regular offense.Turner will get it turned around,but the OL is going to have to play much better too,Turner had some holes but either slipped or went down on tackles he usually breaks.Like other have said here he has to play better but they really need to take some shots downfield to open it up a little.

I expect a pizzed off team to show up Sunday at the Georgia Dome and it isn't gonna be the Cardinals.

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Pizzed by NEXT Sunday?

They **** well had better have been pizzed after the gun sounded in OT.

After this week at practice it's gonna be even more so. Yes this coaching staff will never be confused with the best play calling staffs, but they won't go easy on them after a loss like that,we will see what this team is made of on Sunday. Not saying either way cause I don't know, but they ought to be motivated as ****.

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The dline and offense needs help.

I agree 100%.but they aren't gonna bring in anybody else so it's up to the coaches to get the most out of what is there.

But **** that was a decent defense the Falcons faced,in an opening game against a team one year removed from winning the Super Bowl in their place.

The play calling was atrocious at times on offense.Hopefully that will improve cause they got predictable as ****.

Still I think we can agree the Falcons didn't play their best game,it was far from it. How much of that was the Steelers we will see in the next few games,I ain't ready to call it a season after one game though.

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1 of those sacks came from Lofton, but what I mean is that they need an anchor for run stoppage. We were man-up on blocks on run plays.

Right, forgot Lofton got one, but our best interior lineman wasn't playing. Still, nothing about the defense told me that they needed to improve much.

Anyway, two words for everyone next week: Derek Anderson.

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