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Does Offense has a "TELL"

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They were jumping the snap a lot in the second half, so much so that they moved before the tackles had a chance to get into position after the snap. As for a tell, I can't say. I will say that Ryan has to do a better job of changing his cadence when he sees that happening. He didn't do that yesterday.

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During the game, I noticed that Steelers D had one step in lots of snap like they knew what was coming. May be I need to re-watch the game before I make this conclusion but that's how I felt.

They were in backyard before ball was snapped in few snaps.

I was reminded of the Arizona playoff game. I think the problem is that playing on the road in a loud stadium the falcons aren't able to mix up their snap count the way they would at home. With all the noise they are basicly on a silent count and can't mix it up to draw the defense offsides because all the other offensive players are waiting for the ball to move as opposed to listening to the snap count. However, it was clear that Pitt was timing their rush/blitz. The Falcons should have mixed in a "no snap" play or a play where Ryan basically waits until the last second on the play clock before snapping to try and get their D to slow down a little.

Considering the Pitt D was a step ahead of the O on a lot of plays, I was actually pretty impressed in the Falcons ability to pick them up. I would have expected a few more busted plays/sacks.

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This better get addressed this week folks. At the very least, we could have lined up on that 4th and 1 when we were inside the 10 yard line and tried to draw them offsides... I hope we practice alternating the snap counts in practice because if we are not doing it, then it will cause our own guys to jump offsides when trying it during a game...

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