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End of 4th Quarter

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After they missed the FG, we get the ball back on our own 30 (give or take a yard) with 43 seconds left (give or take a second). We'd have to go about 40 yards in under a minute, with no timeouts, to have a shot at a winning FG.

We didn't go for it. Right after a missed Steeler FG, we didn't go for it. Okay, I can understand that. It isn't impossible, but I'd put it in the realm of unlikely. We didn't go for it on 4th and 1 inside the 10 on our last possession, so I kind of understand.

What I don't get is this: Why call a run up the middle? Now we all like to flip things with "what if" and such, but in this case could someone argue that we could actually get some weird big gain off of it? I would hope not.

This was just a play called to burn off time on the clock and go to OT. Isn't taking a knee a much less risky play for the same outcome? If the game was played at the dome and I was there, I think I would have booed this choice.

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Good Questions.

I just watched the game again on nfl rewind.

Why we did that is very strange...

We had the ball, time was on the clock, and we do not go for it? No hail Mary? No attempt to make a play and try to win the game.

:blink: :unsure: :(

I didn't get that either. It's sad, but I'll be honest; when I saw them run it up the middle my first thought was "why?" My second thought was "the Saints would have gone for it."

Then my third thought was "what if we got an injury on that play?" I would have been really mad.

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