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Monday Morning Headlines


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1. Ryan Explains Numerous Overthrows. Falcons QB explains that headlights got into his eyes or it was the Do-It-Yourself Lasik surgery he performed last week.

2. Bierman Records His First Sack. JA98 concedes season sack total to his teammate.

3. Turner To Appear on Dancing With the Steelers. Runner has developed tip-toe running style that Pittsburgh players seem to like.

4. Mularkey To Run As A Republican For Office- Offensive coordinator presents his Conservative values to fans.

5. Mike Smith Agrees With FOX Replay. Falcons coach shows style calling a time out and icing the kicker!

6. Norwood Changes His Name to Jerious Copperfield. Now you see him, now you don't.

7. Sam Baker Charged!!!! Offensive lineman shown holding other men....twice!

8. Dunta Has Excuse For Not Touching Downed Receiver (see #7).

9. Gonzales Hypnotized During Game. Matt Ryan stares All-Pro receiver into trance.

10.Falcons Have Excuse For No TD's. Coach Smith explains that "their rookie QB had the same problems as ours."

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