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Disappointing start to a hyped up season.


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If you get a chance, check out the article on espn.com called "Falcons' blow it." it pretty much sums up precisely how i feel about hearing the loss on week 1 to the steelers. Although the steelers are tough to beat on opening day and the Falcons hold an awful record facing the them, my question is what the heck happened? The Colts are 15-1 vs. the Texans, and the Texans made the Colts dance on thin ice; our Falcons played a third string quarterback, who in my mind was nowhere near the caliber of Drew Brees or Peyton Manning, and we couldn't 'get the job done.' No i'm not quick to hate my team, i've been hopeful since 1998 and the beginning of the DirtyBirds, i know the ride up to this point hasn't been the smoothest; but this is the most hope i've had in 13 years, along with the most expectation, and after the loss today it feels like it's just going to be another hoping season again.

The Pats in the pre-season crushed us, and in all honesty if big Ben had been playing, it would've have been the same outcome. I understand this is just 'one game', but my god the offensive weapons have been together for 3 years now, and for some reason the mirage of 2008 seemed so promising, yet unfortunately i feel as if this team is not progressing in the way it should be. The loss was humiliating, and if we don't turn it around fast so we can actually win games we should be winning, this will be another lost season, and another ******** season i have to hear nfl.com praise the Saints, even though in my eyes the falcons have what it takes to dethrone last year's superbowl champs. Good luck Falcons i'll continue to cheer from Canada.

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