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I'm going to be honest.... I only watched about 4 minutes of the game. I find the Falcons to be quite boring and apparently they lived up to the billing Sunday. I must admit I thought this was going to be a W for the birds... but apparently it wasn't meant to be. Like I have stated earlier, I AM DONE WITH THIS TEAM. My dad and I actually created a stronger bond by dissing the Falcons and laughing at their inability to play the game of football.

I also heard that Matt Ryan didn't have a good day?? My boy text me that he was trying to throw an out route that got picked... The text read "noodle arm tried to throw an out". But many of you are happy to have this average QB as your leader so who cares. Continue to support the team, continue to go to the games... I would hate for them to be BLACKED OUT. Continue to whine like little girls and get your panties in a bunch.

I on the other hand prefer to watch exciting football that is innovative and fresh.... not that Highschool BS that the Falcons are running... How many times are we going to see that backside run play, or Ryan throwing a 9 yard comeback route... when is he going to let loose and throw the ball down field?? You know when??? NEVER BECAUSE HE DOES NOT HAVE THE ARM STRENGTH TO DO IT.

Congrats to Roddy! I heard he had a **** of a game with 13 REC. He is the only player I pull for on the Falcons.

Oh and by the way, that other QB that use to play here had a solid showing today. Kudos to him also.

Take care Falcon Fans, and don't let this pathetic loss ruin your week. It's only week one... just ask Peyton and Romo. B)

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