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Good defense.....bad offense


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Its as simple as that! I dont want to hear anymore about using the Pittsburgh defense as an excuse for not getting the ball in the end zone at least 1 time! That is what is unacceptable Coach Smith....not just the 50 yd run that the d gave up in ot. The defense played there #$%%$ off for 60 minutes. They hit hard and did a great job against Mendenhall for 4 qtrs.

Like I said before...this offense is sputtering and they are underperforming. We saw it last year...we saw it during the pre season...and we saw it again today. Considering that we are nearly 100% healthy...you should be able to get the ball into the end zone at least once against any defense.

Also....why did we not take a shot down field with 42 seconds to go in the half? You have to have the confidence in your own team to do this...and Smith does not have it in this offense right now. He is a great defensive wizard of a coach...but the o is not as solid as it should be.

As for the run first mentality...Turner and this oline are not good enough to carry that load against a good defense. We have to have balance and Mr Ryan needs to learn how to guide this team into the end zone when facing a tough defense. The offense needs to stay balanced with more aggressiveness with the play calling. Quit babying Ryan and let him be the star he was meant to be.

Defensively...kudos to these hard hitting run stopping Falcons. Yes they had one bad play...but for the most part...the rund d is quite stout if you ask me. As for the pass D...they will be tested in week 3...you can count on that. Jerry and Spoon are the most advanced set of defensive rookies(Jerry should be considered a rookie imo) that I have seen on the Falcons in a long time.

I expected better out of this offense. And yes...they are good and will trounce any bad or avg defenses that get in there way. But the goal is to be the best..because as of right now...the best is in our division and you know who I'm talking about. And believe me...if the Saints are not our friends...and I guarantee you...they are not our friends.............we have got to get more aggressvie with our offense and try harder to get the ball in the $%^& end zone.

Thank you for allowing me to vent its just frustrating because I see how good this team could be.

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