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Don't panic about Turner .. !

Chris D

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Why are there so many people panicking about Turner? "What's up with turner?" everyone is saying. . Well, nothing. He had a few good runs in the 2nd half and was sort of starting to get things rolling. I think what you'll see the next few weeks is that the Steelers defense is no joke at all this season. Especially with Troy Pol back.

Lawrence Timmons was literally everywhere on the field today and was eating up the run like nothing I've seen out of a linebacker. I think we saw that the Steelers can be taken advantage of by passing the ball on them, but they came into that game today knowing that they needed to stop the run, and that's what they did. They showed blitz on just about every play today, and that's why we weren't running the ball. The fact that their linebackers are as strong as defensive tackles, but as quick as cornerbacks and safeties definitely didn't help anything at all.

Nothings wrong with Turner, so stop worrying, this was only week one!

Now with that said, let's talk defense. Our defense played great today! We definitely held our own against one of the better AFC teams in the league. I'm always proud to say I'm a Falcons fan, but today, I was that x10! We gave up a few tough runs, but we didn't give too much. We bent, but didn't break. And that's what is important. Other than that last touchdown run by Mendenhall, if our defense plays like that every week, we are going to be one tough team to beat!

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Turner needs to HIT THE HOLE, even if there isn't one.


Can't really run through 3 or 4 linebackers. I mean, you could try, but not even Turner is doing it against the Steelers linebackers. He was forced to running horizontally, and that's mostly the offensive lines fault. There's nothing wrong with Turner. A few plays the offensive lineman were pushed so far back that they ran into Turner before he even had a chance to take the ball from Ryan.

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I am not afraid to say Im concerned about Turner.

Since 2008 he gained weight and got injured.

And unlike QBs, RBs dont get better with age.

He is 28 now I believe so 2008 was the best we are going to see from here.

He looked slow and didnt hit the holes, and was afraid to take it outside.

Now Im not a cliff-jumper and I know he could very easily be a 1500 yard rusher but if this continues I take a RB first round next year

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