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Now that the dust has settled:


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Man, this place was lagged bigtime during game time haha. This was pretty much the second time I could log on but I figured I'd wait anyhow to let the dust settle from 1:00.

Just wanted to say good game. As I said to another Falcon fan on our board:

The score speaks for itself. Atlanta came in here and played well enough to win. Rice had an amazing game and Ryan stepped up in many throws even though he seemed confused on the first multiple drives.

However, as underdogs and judging how I thought Atlanta could light it up with their weapons, I feel they underachieved and got severely out played. If Dixon hits routine accurate throws, then things could have been different.

We had so many opportunities against your D with inconsistencies of the QB position but my hats off to you for hanging in there on the road, even though noone gave us a chance as underdogs. Atlanta is still a work in progress and couldn't jump on the oppurtunity to force the Steelers offense into making more mistakes without Ben Roethlisberger OR Byron Leftwhich out of the lineup.

With Ben in the lineup, ATL could have gotten blown out today. For the people who said this was going to be a cake-walk and that 37 some points were going to be scored on our defense, I hope you didn't hit cement TOO hard and hope you have a better understanding and respect for the Steelers defense.

I feel the Falcons will push the WC contention this year, but nonetheless, great showing and great game. Good luck to you the rest of the way! Remember, it's only ONE game.

Good luck and good game!


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