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William Moore


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Look at the game... Coleman had 2 (possibly 3) explosive plays on him... Not couting that run...

1. Mike wallace had that 50+ yard completion on him.

2 Hines Ward 25 yard completion (dixon faked a scramble... Coleman bit on it and came up... Dixon hit Ward in Colemans zone spot) .

Coleman is was good coming up near the LOS and making tackles but in space (the g run in OT) and man coverage or coverage in a big space is not his thing.

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I dont understand why I was getting killed for saying what all of yall are saying now a couple months ago. If we are going by who plays the run better is a lock between Coleman and Moore. But aginst the pass you cant look worsew than Coleman did last year and today.

Its William Moore time and hey if Decoud goes down we know we got a really good basck up FS in Coleman. But the man is not a SS and thats ok buts its not ok when we take the lead and then they throw a bomb on you and you were beat so bad you didnt even look for the ball you just made sure he didnt keep running away from you.

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Eric Coleman was never a good player, he was solid at best. Now judging from what I saw yesterday, this solid player turned into a huge liability. It´s not that he mentaly made any mistakes, he just doesn´t have the physical skills anymore to play his position in the NFL. If you run like a LB then you can´t play safety anymore, it is as simple as that.

Coach Smith has to get William Moore on the field because Coleman will be gone after the season.

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