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COACHES WHAT A DUD! Stink Stank Stunk!

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The game I watched today I saw the Falcons team got way out coached. The team looked lost at times and no one corrected that. This coaching staff better get it together or this city is in for a long year.

On offense they are very predictable and work way too much on the sort game. Makes it so much easier for any defense to control. I could count on one hand the pass plays that were designed to be over 10 yards. Matt better find someone other the White to throw the ball to. That is the big reason for the pick, and Matt never accounted for Troy. Why because he never took his eye off his target. This is not just Matt’s problem the coaching staff should have corrected this by now. If I can see then so can anyone. I also think the play calling on offense needs to grow a pair and be more aggressive. I would rather lose trying than lose knowing I was holding back.

I hate to say this but to help Ryan I would pull White and force the QB to find someone else to throw to. Roddy can’t be the only one getting open all the time. I will say this Matt is holding his own self back going to White all the time he uses him like a crutch. This can be fixed they just have to want too.

I can’t say the defense was any better. If they don’t start mixing in more blitzes then expect more teams to go deep on Atlanta. I have seen this team when they play the style that Pittsburg plays aggressive and they look good. When they play passive and do not attack they often come up short. Dixon should have been running way more than he did. I can’t stand the 3 man pass rush ever. It works 1 out of 10 times for most any team that uses it. Watch and see next time Atlanta uses the 3 man pass rush.

Most of what is wrong falls on the Coaching Staff for the loss. The Falcons were not ready to play Pittsburg. Atlanta never looked like they wanted it as bad as Pittsburg.

Way too much talent on this team for them to play the way they did today.

Coaching staff on offense please spread the field more and work more deep routs into the game plan at least a few more PLEASE PLEASE!!! Odds go up you will have a more mistakes in a lot of 12 play drives than in a few 8 play drives. What was the crap trying to force the ball to Tony to get his 1000th catch? This is a team sport not an individual stats game Very Pathetic! Don’t even say this did not happen. That showed me they were not out to win at all!!!!!

Coaches on defense please throw out the 3 man rush, too much can go wrong in the secondary if you give any QB time to work the field. Can you blitz 1 more time in a game at least show blitz and drop out every now and then?

For the whole teams sake and ours quit being so predictable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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