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Offense is at rock bottom now


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Our O has hit rock bottom now. There was only 1 touchdown the entire preseason after having the ball 13 times. No touchdown today. The D had given the ball back to the O and we did not score. We won the toss for the start of overtime and we did not score anything to put the game away.

Something is wrong with the talent we have. IT is time for us to look at a new Offensive Co-ordinator.

Our D has improved under our Defensive Co-ordinator. Why hasn't the offense improved under the Offensive Co-ordinator. Time for him to go.

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Should I be a skeptic of Mularkey now? I've gave plenty of excuses to help his case. But it's the same shi* over and over again.

Mularkey I liked in the first year with us, but could that have been b/c of our weak schedule that year? Yeah, I think you can say that.

But what about in the 2nd and 3rd year? Could it be that our OL is not pass protecting well? Or could it be that our WRs aren't getting good separation?

Basically, what I personally think it is the predictability and conservativeness of Mularkey.

Why is that BVG got an extension and Mularkey didn't?

Sorry but, Mularkey needs to prove me wrong.

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