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Tippytoes Turner looks slow as a snail


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Turner is AFRAID to pound the rock.

IF he hits the tacklers hard early, then he can truck them later on.

He is looking to cut back the cut-back, or turn the corner when the DB is already blocked out.

It is painful to watch him run, and I've said this for over a year now.

I smell fear.

Pump him full of painkillers during warm-ups, something, anything I mean Geezus Ka-ryst.

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ppl go look at how many running yards the Steelers give to RB's... Last year the best back in the League Chris Johnson had 57 yards rushing against the steelers.

Ray Rice is the only RB to reach over a 100 yards on them last year.

I'm not making any excuses because im pissed also... I dont think Turner is tippy toeing... Dude was looking for a hole to run in... the O-Line didnt create any holes..

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Looks like he was running in quicksand..

He ran like he was afraid of fumbling. He was often running with both hands wrapped around the ball. There were a couple of runs where it looked like he prematurely flopped to the ground after a hit. Almost like what a runner does at the end of the 4th quarter when the teams has the lead and is just trying to run out the clock. I wonder if he was intimidated by the Steelers defense.

That being said, the Steelers DL was just blowing up the running plays. They didn't have a problem shedding blocks and plugging up the running lanes.

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