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Fantasy Football Question

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I feel like I am pretty deep at WR, but the question with depth in FF is who will give the best point production on the field. My league is standard scoring (yards and TD)

My WR roster:

Roddy White vs. PIT

Chad Ochocinco vs. NE

Johnny Knox vs. DET

Malcom Floyd vs. KC

Steve Breaston vs. STL

I have already ruled out Breaston despite the matchup because I just don't know what Anderson is going to be able to do with him. I drafted White to be one of my studs, and Pitt has been week at CB. I am leaning towards putting Ocho on the bench for this week until I see what he actually does in the regular season. The matchup with Floyd is really good.

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How many do you start? I'd put them in this order

1. Roddy

2. Knox

3. Floyd

thats what I currently have. I know Roddy will be targeted often and I don't know about Ocho... so I went with the matchups on the other 2.

My RBs are:

Peterson (let me down)

Arian Foster



We have 2 RBs and one swing WR/RB. I am going with the first 3 RBs

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