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Message board already starting to slow down


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Its 8:20 in the morning and the board is already starting to load slowly at times.... Here we go again. See y'all after game. Have fun with the routine in-game thread today :huh:

BTW its called PRIVATE SERVER with 6g of RAM, cost about 700 dollars and less than a grand a year to maintain and it will run this site like money....

If the website designers don't understand this then simply give me a yell and I will set you up or lead you and you will never see this problem anymore... Something so simple yet ignored.

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Every year the first away game takes down the board as soon as something really good or bad happens. Then they 'tune' or add resources to the load balancing server array or something and it gets better thru the season.

But this year I have much less confidence that the controllers of this site can adjust or keep it running - I hope to see them prove me wrong today by keeping the forum up during the game - we will see.

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Well Rev Hal that may be true at times (bandwidth limitations) but in the past few years the database has appeared to go down, with 'server too busy' or 'database error' messages returned. If you get a returned error rather than a 'hang' with no return, that's not bandwidth resource limitations.

I would assume a hi volume site like this one might have database server(s) separate from front-end servers, but I can't imagine the LAN bandwidth between servers could be a problem.

In any case bandwidth limitations can be cured by Falcons leasing a bigger 'pipe', unless total internet bandwidth paths to the servers are bogged down by too many watching football(insert illegal word on this site here (S T R E A M S).

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Its not the server. Its the bandwidth. The servers are more than powerful enough.

I respect you very much rev and I don't want to get banned over a matter like this. I have to stand firm though that this has nothing to do with bandwidth and well if somehow I am wrong (and I highly doubt it) then add another server. The problem is database or DB resources (queries) and the way they are being processed sir.

I wont go to war over this because you know me from Adam and have no idea of my knowledge on the matter but will conclude by saying that I bet my own life that I could fix this issue and when done you could run all the NFL's message boards along with their in-games at the same time and not have the problems we have here with our one single falcons board.

Heres a much busier message forum that I helped out. WE wont even talk about the real monsters out their that hired the big names to handle it.


There are currently 91,341 people on the board and we are flipping messages on average of around 200 a minute and this is a very dead time of the day for sure. There are over 100 cats and you wont find it crashing.

Threads: 1,177,340, Posts: 18,577,532, Members: 886,784

Welcome to our newest member, tgr595121

Want to talk about server load? Cant buy into it. If this was the case then the (and I hate them) porn sites could not make it. Youtube streams.. MY GOD. This is serius bandwidth usage Rev. Falcons boards and site alone don't use squat compared to such.

We are talking Falcons message forums run by sql queries!

All I guess I'm realy saying is that I'm trying to help, not harm or degrade but to let you know that there are people that care and some of them don't even ask for money! (hint)

In closing,

God bless and I will say no more.

PS Mountain JIM up there is trying to tell you the same thing in his own way and he is spot on.

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