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What would you have for the next 5 years?

The O.D.B

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would you rather??

1)Make 2 supobowls and win 1?

2)Make it to the SB 4 of 5 years with no wins (ala bills)?

3)Have an offense that sets unreachable records 3 of 5 years?

4)Have a defense that erases the 2000 ravens and 80s bears from memory 0ver 4 0f 5 years?

5)Knock the Saints out of the playoffs regular and post season 5 of 5 years?

6)Have the Falcons establish the current reputation the Colts have?

Some of the options don't say Lombardi but that doesn't say we don't get one. Assume all options are the same trade off of good/bad.

What would be your version of a dream come true???? I would personlly be happy with a combination of 1,3 and 5 what about you??


TELL Me now!!!!

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