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I think alot of it has to do with the culture that a staff creates around your entire football program. Saban comes accross as a no nonsense guy that will rip you a new one if you let up or are not doing your job properly, even if it means doing it on national TV.

I don't claim to be inside the UGA program but I just don't get that kind of a feeling from CMR. Look at all of our off the field nonsense that goes on every year. We always have at least 2 games a year where we just come out flat and uninspired.

'07- Held in check and lost to USC. No TD's scored. UT just jumped all over us the minute we stepped onto the field, just an ugly loss. Granted we finished strong but the season should have turned out much better considering the talent we had.

'08- The infamous "Blackout" Bama jumped all over us in the first half. We were down 31-0 before we realized we were in a football game. UF beat us like a rented mule. We looked lost and beat up from the very start. The second half against the bugs was pathetic.

'09- We made Crompton look like a Heisman trophy winner, UT took it to us and we did not respond. UF, well we just went down there again for our yearly beatdown by the Gators.

I like CMR as a person but as a HC the last 4 years have been very questionable, and I think its fair criticism. UGA should easily be up there with the elites in College Football.

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