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Oklahoma vs. FSU


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greg reid has looked horrible.. another penalty against him.. a 15 yard personal foul for a late business out of bounds after he had a holding call. he has had problems with tackling. just a horrible game for reid.

Wholeheartedly agree...Ryan Broyles and Landry Jones smelled blood-in-the-water with Reid and attacked him all game long...this is good for him though b/c he needed a good dose of humility added to his diet after all the accolades ESPN and company were slinging his way. I really though FSU would put up a lot better fight, but Bob Stoops and company had a game-plan for FSU and it worked to perfection.

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FSU doesn't have one impact player on their d-line. That is a big reason they got killed by Oklahoma's very talented and able passing attack, along with gashes on the ground. Greg Reid also got abused and had mental lapses all game long.

FSU was a very trendy pick, though I hate to borrow a line from Herbstreit. I like FSU, but the expectations seem to exceed reality in Jimbo's first year.

I heard a great saying that I think applies to FSU and UGA both... there comes a point when it's not about X's and O's, but about Jimmies and Joes. Meaning both teams have solid coaching, but the personnel just isn't there where it needs to be. Which is something to wonder about when both teams have had excellent recruiting classes.

Bobby Bowden said yesterday on an ESPN interview that he wished FSU had done a better job of recruiting kids for their system and level of competition in recent years. Citing the 4 and 5 star players that get to the high level of college ball and just don't have what it takes, despite their gifted athleticism and performance in high school.

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