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Just Curious


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Just curious....

What team do the morons that decided to change the Falcons forums on the first week of the regular season

pull for?

It's obviously not the Falcons.

Noone would do this to a teams message boards right before the season starts except some pitiful inbred

Saints fans or other p.o.s. lowlifes.

Who? The Panties? The Sucs? The Niners?

Who have we totally screwed over in the past year or so that would be giggling little computer geeks laughing and pointing at us as we try and navigate our way through this nightmare? Hmm?

Just curious....


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I usually don't complain about much, but they really did a number on the board this time. I just can't seem to get used to this crappy set up. Yeah, and I agree why change only days before the first game.

What Im worried about is the board crashing on Game Day. It got really bad during the Saints game, and we didnt even play.

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