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Marcellus Wiley

Dem Birds

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...Picked the Falcons to win on NFL Live? Whaaaaat? Has his tune changed since bashing out choice of head coach in '08? I understand that we are playing a third string QB, but it didn't stop Schlereth from picking the Steelers. I just knew Wiley would continue his hating ways. Well, I got 7 words for you, Marcellus. "You a smart *************, that's right."

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To his credit, he pretty much admitted he was wrong about that. It was clear he had a bias against Smitty from his time in Jax and I think he realized how silly he looked trying to bash him.

Well, at least that's good. I think he was the only person to criticize our hiring of Smitty. Jacksonville's D hasn't looked too good since he left, so I'm gonna say it wasn't Del Rio's D.

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I generally like Marcellus because he's an articulate guy with an insiders perspective ( and he's not afraid to make waves ), but I'll admit when he dissed Smitty a few years back he kind of got in my doghouse.

Oh well ... like this forum it's good to get a dissenting viewpoint from time to time. Keeps us on our toes.

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