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Im tired of seeing Brees Face


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I turn on my tv and there's Brees, On every bag of doritos, **** even on bottles of Nyquil. just saying i don't think brees is as good as some people think. If Matt ryan had a 6'4 wr and a wr that ran a 4.3 and a fast overated runningback he could throw screens to all day, he might be the superbowl MVP. And not to mention all the blown calls that Aint's get from the refs. Don't get me wrong though i believe or offense has more talent than their's with the exception of another good WR.

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I change the channel or leave the room every time the Saints or Brees is mentioned...

I didn't watch their America's Game presentation on the NFL network. I didn't watch the NFL Fan Forum with the Saint's fans, I didn't see them get congratulated by the President, I didn't even watch those Sports Illustrated Saints Super Bowl package commercials, I didn't even watch the news coverage for their Super Bowl parade...

The only thing I did see was a reporter interviewing Payton and that's because I couldn't find the remote fast enough...

And I'm all the better for missing each and every one of those presentations...

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