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Thoughts from the first half


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1) AP is the best back in the league when he isnt fumbling the football

2) Bree's is still keeping his legs even tho his age is catching up. We need to blitz the outside, I think the Saints cant take outside pressure.

3) Reggie Bush looks really good. It may just be opening night and the fact that they are stealing his heisman but regardless he is looking pretty solid.

4) The Saint rushing defense is lacking this year or at least thus far. I think we can run on them all day.

5) Brett hasnt lost anything from last year. That first INT I think was just opening season mistake. He looks like he did last year IMO.

Thoughts everyone?

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You can burn the Saints D up the field in the seams......

Harry Douglas anyone?

I noticed that as well. Shiancoe is tearing them up in the seams. Can you imagine what HD would do with the chance. I'm upset we lost Meier tho. I'm concerned with our receiving corp. Minus our TE's

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The reason Brees hardly ever gets hit is because the Taint O-line holds on virtually every play. They finally started to get called on it towards the end of the half.

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I'm glad our CBs DBs will have 2 games under their belt by the time we play them.

Those MM/Ryan rollouts will be our undoing if they continue to happen.

I don't like it that they Saints are leading again. I do remember games last year, where they looked sloppy for 2 and 1/2 qtrs, then turned it on for the rest of the game. Am hoping they have forgotten how to do that.

Brett's arm still looks as potent as ever. He has not shown quite as much mobility as years past, but his OL is not exactly giving him time to do much.

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