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Sources: Hawkins misrepresented self.


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The guy's picture you posted says Marshall for his college. He sure doesn't sound remorseful that his actions led to Green being suspended. It makes you wonder if the guy really does work for some agent.

I have heard a ton of different stories about this guy and what happened. I honestly don't care at this point. I've put myself in the frame of mind that he is out 3 more games. He made a dumb decision, end of story. Whatever happens, happens at this point. I think the NCAA is going to cut it to 3 games, instead of 2. Just to drive the point home.

I believe 100% in the team that will be on the field Saturday. I know we have way to many talented players to worry about Green. I just hope he comes back with a real fire in his gut to be the absolute best that AJ Green is capable of being.

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