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Michigan and NotreDame Draft Prospects


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A scout from the #Browns, #Cardinals, #Chiefs, #Dolphins, #Eagles & #Falcons will attend the #Michigan, #NotreDame game on Saturday.


LB Obi Ezeh

LB Jonas Moutan (Moutan is up to 240 and the scouts say he is looking good)

OG Stephen Schilling

CB Troy Woolfolk

Notre Dame

RB Armando Allen

WR Michael Floyd

LB Brian Smith

TE Kyle Rudolph

CB Darrin Walls

DT Ian Williams

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my bad for getting on you hawkeye. Most of the players I suggested don't even play anymore.

ok so i finally got a chance to sit down and watch this game.

Notre Dame

RB Armando Allen

my round: 5th-6th

Biggest Positive: Vision

Biggest Negative: Doesn't stand out anywhere

Vision: Above Average

Power: Average

Homerun Ability: Average

Elusiveness: Average

Pass Blocking: Average

Hands: Above Average

OG Chris Stewart

My round: 4th-5th round

Positive: power

Negative: Ability to anchor while pass blocking.

Other Spots: Depending on arm length RT may be a possibility

Run Blocking: Average

Pass Blocking: Above Average

NT Ian Williams

My Round: 3rd round

Positive: Hands

Negative: Sometimes falls down too easily at times

Run: Above Average

Pass Rush: Above Average

Other Spots: NT in a 3-4 (he would be perfect at this spot)


OG Stephen Schilling

My Round: 5th-6th

Positive: Size/ Strength

Negative: Ability to anchor and move his feet while pass blocking

Run Blocking: Above Average

Pass Blocking: Below Average

Other Spots: None

I was really surprised how bad Schilling looked. I had heard alot of hype on him and he lived up to none of it.

OLB Jonas Mouton

My round: 4th Round

Positive: Speed :o

Negative: Size

Run: Above Average

Pass Rush: Above Average

Other Spots: None

Coverage: Average

Instincts: Average

Wow. This guy really impressed me. He is ridiculously fast and may be a combine work out warrior. He uses his hands awfully well and gets off blocks nicely. (even if they are o.linemen)

MLB Obi Ezeh

My Round: Undrafted

Positive: Coverage

Negative: Speed/ Explosiveness

Run: Average

Pass Rush: ? (probably Average)

Other Spots: more of a 3-4 ILB

Coverage: Above Average

Instincts: Below Average

SA Troy Woolfolk has a broken leg and is out for they year.

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Mouton has added some lbs this year and is now 6-2 240 which is good size and still has speed.

Yeah last year he was around 220 so it's great he has added 20.

His body structure just seems a little small still. He reminded me more of a Tampa 2 speed type LB. (similar to a Derrick Brooks or Rennie Curran)

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