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Predict the NFC South - Week 2 - Deadline Friday Noon


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All picks due by Friday, September 17th at 12pmish (EST)

Thanks to everyone who signed up last week for formatting your entry in a way that will make it easy on me. I really do appreciate it.

Things to note this week:

1) If you didn't make picks in week 1 you are still elgible to play. Just make your picks this week and you will be considered in the contest.

2) After this week's deadline contest entry will be closed.

3) As promised I am starting the next week's thread around the time I close the previous week. I hope this helps people who may not have time during the week to make picks. I am aware that most people will not feel comfortable making them until after this weekend so I will bump it on Monday if it gets buried.

4) I plan to finalize the make-up system this week and announce the details in next week's thread.

5) I'd like to have a better prize graphic (one with the amount in it) but, alas, I have no photochopping skills. If one of you kind and talented people could oblige I would be eternally grateful. Well maybe not eternally but I would be at least grateful for an hour or so.

6) If you read the entire first post last week you can skip the rest this week. I will let you know when/if you ever need to read below this line:


Suggestions based on what we learned from last year's contest. These suggestions will help make sure we do this a third year so please read.

1.Just list the winners because it leaves no room for error and it is easiest for me. Whatever you do, don't just quote someone else's pick and agree because it likely to get missed. If you wish to explain your reasoning do so under the picks not to the side.

Example for week 1:





2. Read the first section of these threads each week. In those sections I will give you important information for the week and let you know if there have been changes to the lower sections you need to read.

3. Please try to keep this thread on topic as much as possible. Last year (and I was as guilty as anyone) there were times I had to scroll and scroll between posts to find picks. However, feel free to ask questions about any aspect of the contest.

4. If you change your screen name let me know so I can check your name history and update the spreadsheet. People make picks that are not in the contest so if you don't let me know I might miss it.

5.Make your picks early. You can always edit them later but if you don't make them at all you risk being disqualified. Last year we even had a situation where the board was taken down for a software update for most of Friday morning and a few people were left out in the cold.


This contest and prize are being provided by me personally and none of it is affiliated with the Falcons organization or the NFL in any way.

Game Rules and Prize Information:

1. You must enter the contest before the deadline of week 2. To qualify you must have a membership date before September 1, 2010. Only the original account you started with may play.

2. You are not required to be a fan of the Falcons to play.

3. It is free to play.

4. All picks have to be posted before the established deadline. Once this thread is locked the deadline has passed.

5. Only your first set of picks will be used. If you make a second post in this thread with another set of picks they will be ignored. If you want to change your mind, edit your original post.

6. Do not PM your picks. Picks made by PM will be ignored. Post them in this thread.

7. This is a message board so allowances have to be made for missing a week here and there. However, to keep this contest simple this year if you miss a week you will be assigned a score for the week. As, of right now that score will be based on the average of what everyone else picked for the week rounded to the nearest whole number.

8. You may not miss more than 3 weeks of picks during the season. If you miss more than 3 you will be listed as disqualified the next week and your name will then be dropped from my spreadsheet.

9. The final score or how close the score was doesn't matter.

10. The results of previous weeks will be posted as soon as I have time to tally them.

11. I am capable of making mistakes. If you don't check your personal results and let me know if there is an error they will be locked in 7 days after they are posted.

12. The prize will be awarded at the end of the season or as soon as a tie breaker can settle the outcome.

13. If you get permanently banned you cannot re-enter the contest under a new name. No exceptions.

14. If you win you will need to PM me your email address so you can receive the online certificate. I suggest that you NOT use a work email address because it coming directly from the NFL Shop and it might get caught in your company's spam filter. If you have home spam protection you will need to make sure the email can get through or set up a hotmail account. If you have any doubts whether or not the email can come through I strongly suggest setting up an account with one of the reputable free email services. I would HATE if I spent the money and no one got to enjoy the prize. However, if it gets caught or rejected I will not be responsible if you cannot collect your prize.

15. These rules may change to adapt to issues that may come up during the season.

What are you playing for?




The stated dealine has passed but the thread has not been locked. What gives?

I work for a living. The deadline is a soft target. I will do my best to lock the thread around the time that I have given but sometimes it doesn't happen until hours later. You can keep making picks or editing your picks until the thread is locked. Don't count on it ever being late though. There are weeks I lock it right at noon.

What happens if you (Finally) wins?

If I win I will be an insufferable gloat intent on proclaiming to anyone who will listen how I won and you all are miserable losers. I will give a whole new dimension to the term bad winner. However, I do intend to give out a prize so the runner-up (least of the losers) will collect the prize.

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Results from Week 1:

FalconFanSince1970 4

Steezy-ATL-Alwayz 3

Goal Line D 3


Peyton 3

Point_Blank 3

rcky_mtn_falcon 3

NoMoreVick 3

falken 3

snuffy69 3

sandtrap 3

Sho'Nuff 3

Xfactor 3

kibitzer 3

Robb4242 3

Farmer2 3

falconfanofnevada 3

Soren 3

HouseofEuphoria 3

SoCalFalconFan 3

ATLfanatic 3

controlfreak 3

orpheous3000 3

domineeringfalcons 3

caliber 3

capologist 3

falconidae 2

falcon_bob 2

HashMark 2

innovativefx 2

FalconMama 2

MattyIceIsSoNice 2

paulitik 2

phattywankenobi 2

FL Falcon 2

Mathis81WR 2

turnerdburner 2

beyondsane 2

FalconGene 2

Lt.Fro 2

swgadirtybird 2

Jen 2

dmite 2

saintmtillage 2

falconsgirl4eva 2

Finally 2

joremari 2

atljokerz 2

jnorwood32 2

kevykev21 2

red falcon 2

FalcoChicquera 2


vabchbirdlover 1

poutlipper 1

pencilpusher 1

1989Fan 1

DirtyBird2 1

bolden_fan1 1

Tandy 1

Arkansas Falcon 1

marcVA 1

huddleman 1

Magee's Falcons 1

letmethink729 1

mcwheesus 1

CraigSmackDaddy 1

FalconPio 1

FireDawg85 0

mrobinson3803 0

Week 1:

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