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To Help Lighten Things Up A Little


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Since we have beaten the AJ story to "death" over the past few days, I thought I would post a few videos to help liven the mood some. The videos don't have anything to do with college football, but they made me die laughing the first time I saw them and I hope that they bring joy to everyone else who watches them. They are celebrations from an Iceland professional soccer team after they score goals...these celebrations took some serious choreography and I think they would even make Chad "Ochocinco" proud:

Fish Celebration:


Toilet (This one was actually the top play on Sportscenter the other day):

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In the first one the guy did a really good job of acting like a fish. The second was a lil crazy. LOL

Yeah, the guy who played the fish did an awesome job! The part that gets me about all of this is that someone had to take the time to think it up and then these guys had to practice it a few times to get it right...just too funny...

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