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The REAL REASON Big Ben Ain't Playing Sunday...


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And now you know the rest of the story! B)


Folks, this is indeed a special 'toon to start the season. One of our members, Harveybirdman, hit me with this idea last week. He didn't mean to, bless his heart, but it was a better idea than what I had! :lol:

Harvey, good job and congratulations! PM me with your name and mailing address and I will ship to you a 13" x 19" high res digital print on fine photo paper, autographed by the artist(s), and ready to be framed and hung, my man! Or, you can just tack it to the wall like I do!:lol: Meanwhile, come on in here and take a bow! B) HARVEYBIRDMAN, EVERYBODY!!!

The second thing that makes it special is we have a guest appearance on this piece from my good friend, fellow artist, troll basher extraordinaire and all-around great guy, Gritblitzer! Gritz did the fabulous caricature of Big Ben for this piece and I am pleased to announce that Gritz will be joining me for some more efforts this season!B)GRITBLITZER, EVERYBODY!!!

Now, I wanna tell you all that I'm changing my ways! From now on, all of you will have a chance for almost every upcoming game for ideas for cartoons during this season that either me or me and Gritz together will illustrate for the weekly smack-downs. I will start a separate thread Friday that will detail guidelines and such stuff, so stay tuned! In the meanwhile, enjoy this effort if you will and GO FALCONS!!! Let's kick some Steeler butt Sunday!!!


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