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Falcons Vs Steelers


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Here's the series history of Atlanta vs Pittsburgh.

Series History: Series began in 1966

Overall: Pittsburgh leads 11-2-1

At Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh leads 5-0-1

At Atlanta: Pittsburgh leads 6-2

Neutral Sites: n/a

Last Meeting: Oct. 22, 2006 (in Atlanta)

Atlanta 41, Pittsburgh 38 (OT)

All those meetings were with completely different Atlanta teams. From what I've seen on the Falcons and Steelers message boards it seems that most fans are predicting a low scoring game. I don't agree. I'm thinking the Falcons will get to Dixon enough to rattle him causing fumbles and interceptions. Dixon hasn't proved to me that he can pass well enough to hurt us, and they will find it very difficult to run against us.

I know I'm sounding like a homer but I don't think the Steelers are prepared for the ground and air attack the Falcons will finally show now that it counts. It would have been difficult for Big Ben to have beaten us. Dixon doesn't stand a chance.

Footnote: The Vikings won't beat the Saints but I hope they haven't forgotten what the Saints did to Favre last time and return the favor to Brees.

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Quick tidbit & facts:

Neither Matt Ryan nor Mike Smith have seen an AFC North defense yet.

Neither Matt Ryan nor Mike Smith have seen a **** LeBeau Zone Blitz yet.

The Falcons are a paltry 6-10 on the road under Matt Ryan.

They Falcons have never won a football game in Pittsburgh.

The Steelers have ranked #3 or better for three straight seasons at stopping the run.

quoted from steelersfever.

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