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25 to 1 Odds on Atlanta Winning the Superbowl


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I am not promoting a sports book here but 25 to 1 is good odds for my favorite home team! Go Falcons! I think I got a lil paper to play with!

2010 Super Bowl Odds For The Atlanta Falcons

NFL News - July 31st, 2009 - Written by Ryan Smith

The Atlanta Falcons are with out a doubt the most improved franchise in all of football last year. With the addition of Michael Turner at running back and the draft of Matt Ryan at quarterback the Falcons have established themselves as a potential threat to make it to the Super Bowl in the NFC. Their successful season last year ended the regular season with a record of 11-5 and earned a trip to the playoffs. New head coach Mike Smith impressed NFL critics with some of his play calling last season, but the Falcons will have to get even better on defense and offense if they want to beat an AFC power house at the Super Bowl in Miami in 2010.

USA Online Sportsbooks all over have already released odds to win the Super Bowl for all 32 NFL teams. The Falcons rank in the middle of the pack with odds at 25/1 at the moment. The best odds to win the Super Bowl in the NFC south believe it or not is the New Orleans Saints. The Saints finished last in the division last year with a record of 8-8, but still sportsbooks have given them the best odds to win in that division at 20/1. The Falcons did improve from last year just a bit, at least on the offensive side of the football, trading for Tony Gonzalez from the Kansas City Chiefs during the off season. The tight end is sure to make Matt Ryan's job easier especially on third down situations, as his veteran leader ship and smooth hands have made him an elite pass catcher in this league. The Falcons offense, that ranked 10th in total point last year at 24.4 points per game, is sure to be even more powerful this year. The run game should be as effective this year as it was last year when the Falcons finished 2nd in the league in rushing yards per game at 152.7.

The defense is where the Falcons must get better, if they really want to make winning the Super Bowl a reality. We all know defense wins championships, the winner of the Super Bowl every year reminds us how important it is to establish a foundation on the defensive side of the football. This is where the Falcons lack intensity, passion and talent to stop other high powered offenses from getting into the end zone. Though the Falcons did rank 11th in the league last year in point allowed per game at 20.3, they ranked 24th in yards allowed per game at 348.2. This type of average will lead to potential scoring opportunities for teams in the future, unless the Falcons find a way to stop teams from gaining ground at will. head coach Mike Smith will have to focus more of his attention on defense if the Falcons want to win some post season games and make a splash within the NFL top teams. 25/1 odds will be a lucrative pay out if the Falcons can just manage to win some post season games and surprise us all as Super Bowl champs in 2010.

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