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Steelers/Falcons in 2006


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So yesterday I watched the Steelers/Falcons game and the Bengals/Falcons game from 2006 because those were 2 of the best games Vick ever played and I enjoy watching those games.

But the Steelers game reminded me of why I can't stand Phil Simms. Remember at the end of regulation when Michael Koenen kicked what was a game winning field goal? But they gave the Steelers the timeout instead even though it was very clear that the timeout wasn't signaled till after the snap.

Jim Nantz was like "it's too close for me to call if Cowher signaled time out before the snap."

But good ole Phil Simms was like "oh it's clear. Cowher definately called timeout before the same."

Nantz: "The whisle didn't blow till after the snap."

Simms: "It's not when the whisle blows. It's when the offical heard Cowher call timeout."

Nantz: "I just can't say that without doubt."

Simms: "I can't. It was close but clearly in time."

But it just reminded me of why I can't stand Phil Simms. :rolleyes:

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really i've always kinda liked him but i don't know i hate most announcers. That game I was actually in Atlanta 1st victory i'd seen ( 3rd game live) It was awesome Best game I've ever seen.

I remember being so excited when he kicked the field goal I was jumping up and down and the guy behind me had to tell me about the timeout Wow what a downer but Overtime was awesome

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