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I know it's Espn but annyone eles notcing the love/hate for us?


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Yea i spelled noticing wrong. LOL

Im betting quite a bit of other fans other than me follow espn.com quite a bit. But i'v enotcied either a ton of disrespect for us or a ton of love for us. Even fantasy football. most of the analysts give us a good amount of respect but theres this guy matthew berry who just down right underrates our players to ****...he lists ryan at 22 behind Orton, Cassle and Dixon... Really?

Turner as 19 behind wells and forte.... I mean really?

White at 9th thats not to bad but this guy has to be a saints fan

Tony G at 11th . Kinda bs he might be old but he's still got it he might be old be he's in better shape than most of the young guys he ranked higher

Iono Where some of the anaylsts get their drugs but espn really lost credibility with me i also saw a superbowl pickem and one of them listed the 49ers to win the superbowl. Sigh.... It's whatever. John clayton seems to have our back against Pat Y's saint nutt hugging crusade. Also saw a nice line saying loftin is going to be the best LB sinse lewis in his prime. Pretty awsome. Alot of bierman love too.

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