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Collier: Using Steelers' Dixon like using spare tire

Pootie Tang

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I don't take any team lightly especially a team that went to the Super Bowl just two years ago. The Steelers will try to disrupt our running game and put pressure on Ryan (snd we know how good Matt is when opposing teams try to blitz him) but, tho loss of their starting quarterback will prove to be to much to overcome. Falcons 21 Steelers 17.

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The Steelers offense will be ready, Big Ben or not, and the Pittsburg defense will be as well.

Remember, they are defending two streaks right now...a winning opening day streak, and no home losses in their history to ATL.

I think ATL will win, but I think it's going to be a hard fought game.

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I'm not scared of Dixon scrambling on us, and who gives a crap about their two streaks. We don't need to worry about either one of those.

I'm not saying this is going to be easy by any means, but stop worrying about the wrong things.

Dixon really can't even scramble that great, and his stats show it. HE IS A THIRD STRING QB FOR A REASON GUYS. Stop stressing.

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