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Gospel I 2010....Lets Hope Dennis Isn't a Menace


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Gospel I 2010....Lets Hope Dennis Isn't a Menace

By: FC

The more things change the more they stay the same. Welcome to the 2010 Pittsburgh Steelers season…I’m FC and I will be your author for this glorious joy ride of a football season. For long time readers of the Gospel you will see some changes this season. I have decided to condense the Gospel a little bit this season; hopefully you find this version to be as enjoyable if not more enjoyable than past efforts. Your reading this post because of the efforts of Hard Nose and Fury everybody knows them…The people you don’t know we will call the benefactors of Steeler Fury…This is a group of individuals who want to go unnamed who send funds to keep this board up and running...Your generosity humbles me…I thank you.

I will not allow Ben to become the pink elephant in the room…Ben is my guy…I have zero faith in Dixon…I’ve been wrong before…For the Dennis Dixon Project to work Bruce Arians has to be lights out…Mike Tomlin in his Tuesday press conference stated Dennis Dixon will contribute to the game plan…That was music to my ears. Dixon lacks confidence…He lacks swagger…Dixon has to be comfortable with the play calls and formations...Dixon has the ability to deliver the ball with velocity and touch…His mechanics are terrible…I could care less…Find the receiver, hit the receiver move the freaking chains. Arians designs a beautiful passing game…His detractors will disagree…I don’t like Arians play calling at times…His run game design should improve with the change in offensive blocking schemes. If the Steelers offense can control the clock, limit turnovers, and manage 17 points a game when Ben is out they should go 3-1 at the worst.

We are the town with the Super Bowl team…We are the Pittsburgh Steelers…And one thing we do is play lights out defense. Everyone forgets how nasty and skilled this defense is when all the parts are available. I expect this defense to line up with any Steelers defense. If the other team can not score they can not win. The Steelers defense added youth and skill this off season…I expect the number 1 defense in the NFL. That leaves the Special teams…I will hold my breathe with the rest of you this week as the coverage teams take the field…I like the skill and speed added to the roster…The coverage units scare me…The return units could be a strength of this team…I’m a fan of Antonio Brown and Manny Sanders…Logan was a quality returner for the Steelers last season both players have huge shoes to fill.


Steelers with the Ball

For those expecting a heavy dose of the running game you will not be disappointed. The Steelers have the advantage in the trenches. I expect the Steelers to attack the Falcons defense through the air; early in the game Dixon will have opportunities to make plays in the passing game.

Max Starks and John Abraham

Starks will be able to handle Abraham in the run game…Starks is a massive man who can engulf Abraham on most runs…Starks will struggle to block Abraham on outside runs to the edge…Abraham is going to be flying up field trying to speed rush Starks…Arians can not run directly into the path of the outside rush…He has to pound the ball between the tackles. Abraham is going to be fresh and healthy rushing the passer I expect Starks to have some issues in pass pro…Abraham is a quality pass rusher…Starks has to maintain his technique…He can not over extend or get caught leaning…He must move his feet and take the game to Abraham. I like Starks in this matchup…He could end up getting his *** kicked…This is the only matchup that concerns me this week.

Trai Essex /Chris Kemoeatu and Corey Peters/ Peria Jerry/ Travis Johnson and Trey Lewis

The Falcons will roll defensive linemen at the Steelers defense early. Falcons head coach Mike Smith did not announce his defensive starters yet…He did hint Peters Jerry and Lewis will split snaps at defensive tackle. The bad…Trai Essex sucks…He will struggle with all 3 players…The good…I don’t believe any of the tackles are difference makers in the game. Kemo has taken to the blocking schemes of Kugler…He showed the ability to maul in small areas when covered. If the Steelers guards can win most of the matchups this week I expect the Steelers to rush for 175+ yards…If the Steelers guards struggle in the run game…Could be a long day. Both Kemo and Essex concern me in pass pro…Jerry, Peters and Lewis are more pluggers in the run game than elite interior rushers…I think Essex and Kemo will be ok…They will hold up just long enough to get the job done.

Moe Pouncey

My guy gets his own special section. Pouncey will be covered at times…He will be uncovered at times…He is generation next. I expect Pouncey to end the season as the best center in the NFL. Pouncey will solidify the interior of this offensive line…He will be able to cover up mistakes from Essex and Kemo.

Flozell Adams and Kroy Biermann

See I love the Adams signing for a few reasons…The first reason he will add some spice to a very bland group. Adams is big and he plays nasty…Colon talked a good game…Adams talks a good game and than he takes bodies…Adams was the single most dominant force on the Steelers offense this pre-season…He had 15 knock down blocks…That’s setting the tone. Biermann is a high effort non stop worker….He is going to catch a beating in the run game…If the Falcons stunt the ends down in the run game this year…Adams may end Biermann’s season. Biermann may give Adams fits in pass pro…If Adams moves his feet and bends his knees he should be fine.

The Falcons will also play Jamaal Anderson who is a bust and Chauncey Davis at defensive end…Davis made a ton of plays against the Steelers in the last meeting. Davis is not half the player he once was before the lower body injuries robbed him of his explosiveness.

Skill Position Matchups

The Steelers running backs are a question mark early in the season. I really like aspects of Mendenhall’s game….He needs to protect the ball…He has only lost 3 fumbles in his career….Mendenhall had several close calls in the past. Turnovers kill teams. Mwelde Moore is dependable…He is a quality blocker and receiver in the passing game…High effort rusher with the ball…He is not very talented. Isaac Redman will have his chance to make his mark for this team…Redman is a big physical runner with quality vision and under rated quickness…He can’t afford to blow assignments…He can’t play like a rookie.

Heath Miller, Matt Spaeth and David Johnson should dominate their matchups in the run game against Stephon Nicholls, Mike Peterson and Sean Weatherspoon. The Steelers tight ends could struggle to beat the athletic Falcons outside linebackers in coverage. I expect Miller to be a big time weapon for Dixon in the passing game…The tight end is the 2nd read on most play action passing plays…Miller has to beat coverage and become a safety blanket for the inexperienced Dixon in the passing game. Spaeth’s impact will come in the running game…He must move the line of scrimmage in the run game…He must seal the edge or the backside of the play to allow the back a cut back lane. DJ Johnson will spend most of the game at fullback…Johnson is a quality lead blocker who offers more in the passing game than he has shown to date.

I am going to hope Hardnose is right about Dixon… I will say he has the ability to lead this team to a 4-0 record. Confidence and decision making will make or break him.

The Steelers receivers have to make mucho plays for their quarterback…If the ball is close they have to get it…If the ball is not close they must make sure the defender can not make a play on the ball. Mike Wallace and Dunta Robinson should be an interesting matchup…I would test Robinson early and often vertically…The Falcons are going to have to commit 8 men to the box to stop the run…Robinson can’t run with Wallace. Hines Ward and Chris Owens will be another interesting matchup…Ward is very physical…Owens is not. The Steelers should be able to dominate matchups in base formations if Dixon can deliver the ball. I expect ARE to be the slot receiver…Jordan Grimes is a nifty little corner…I don’t know if ARE can beat him in coverage. Arnaz Battle will be the 4th wide receiver and special team’s demon…The real question becomes…Does Sanders or Brown dress? I’m leaning towards Antonio Brown because of his kick returning prowess…Sanders could be the returner…Tomlin is playing things close to the vest. If Dixon can deliver the ball on time…If the Line holds up…I believe the Steelers will have opportunities in the passing game.

Falcons With The Ball

The Falcons want to run the ball and play action pass…Both teams will have similar game plans offensively. I live on the Georgia border so all summer I have read about the Falcons triplets…Matt “Ice” Ryan, Michael “Burner” Turner and Tony Gonzalez…All 3 are quality players…Unlike the Cowboys triplets the Falcons don’t have 4 pro bowl offensive linemen or a pro bowl fullback. The Falcons will try to out physical the Steelers in the Hill District in the opener…Good luck with that.


Sam Baker and Brett Kiesel in the run game

In a Matchup of finesse players I will put my money on the better athlete…Brett Kiesel. Kiesel traditionally struggles with power tackles or a long athletic dancer on the edge…Baker is neither. Baker is a short armed undersized tackle who is a quality technician…He wins stalemates by getting in the way or out positioning the defender with quickness…I expect Kiesel to lock out and control Baker at the line of scrimmage…Funneling the run back inside for Farrior and Timmons to clean up. Ziggy Hood will give Baker the same issues in the run game.

Sam Baker and Deebo in Pass Pro

Anyone remember Deebo putting the tackle 5 yards in the back field in the pre season…I expect a lot of that this week. Baker is not strong enough to absorb Harrison’s bull rush…He is not quick enough to handle Harrison to the edge…I love Deebo in this matchup…Matty Ice may melt this week.

Justin Blalock/ Harvey Dahl /Todd McClure and Casey Hampton in the run game

Casey Hampton is a beast…Most Steelers fans know that. Todd McClure with a 32 ounce baseball bat couldn’t handle Hampton in the run game…McClure will get help from two of the best guards in the NFL. Dahl is the dirtiest player in the NFL…I love him…If he tries some of that dirty **** on Hampton it maybe a bad idea…Hampton gets fat guy ****** strong when he is pissed off…He sees red and takes bodies. Blalock is massive and under rated…He is a quality run blocker with under rated mobility. The Falcons will be forced to commit two blockers to Hampton if they expect to run the ball between the tackles…That’s a win for the Steelers.

Justin Blalock and Brett Kiesel in pass Pro

I expect Blalock to control Kiesel rushing the passer…Kiesel has been a disappointment as a starter rushing the passer…I expect much of the same this week. Ziggy Hood could give Blalock some issues in pass pro with his strength and famous spin move…I expect Blalock to control this matchup.

Harvey Dahl and Aaron Smith in Pass Pro

The battle of the bruisers...Both men are nasty…Both men are relentless…Aaron Smith is a beast against the run…He has made some huge plays for this defense rushing the passer…I expect the Demolition man to get a sack this week…Dahl is great against the run…He has had some issues in pass pro in the past…Smith’s relentless work ethic will pay off..

Tyson Clabo and Aaron Smith in the run game

Clabo is huge…B-I-G…Don’t mean B-A-D…Clabo outweighs Smith by 40 pounds…Smith will play the entire game in the back field…Smith is technically perfect in the run game…Clabo is a fat ******* who takes advantage of size matchups to dominate undersized defensive ends…Smith is no lollipop…You better bring a lunch if you expect to kick his ***…It will be an all day affair. I expect Smith to kick the piss out of Clabo in the run game.

Tyson Clabo and Lamar Woodley in Pass Pro

Fat guy getting run around…That’s what I expect this week. Woodley should give Clabo fits in pass pro…Woodley can beat Clabo to the edge with speed…And I believe he can beat Clabo up his chest with power and leverage…Advantage… Mr. Snuggles (my suggested nickname for Woodley in his contest)

Skill Position Matchups

Burner Turner was injured a majority of last season…Some people feel he is on the way down…I think he is a quality runner who has taken a ton of hits over the past 3 seasons. Turner has breakaway speed and he runs with very good power…Timmons, Farrior, TP Clark have to wrap and form tackle if they expect to limit Turner’s yards after contact. Ovie Mughelli is a battering ram fullback…Timmons and Farrior better be ready for contact on ISO runs…Ovie will bury both if they come soft and high into the hole. The Falcons have quality second and 3rd backs. Jerrious Norwood is the home run hitter who will see some wildcat carriers…Justin Snelling is very similar to Mwelde Moore…He is a jack of all trades who can contribute in various ways.

Matt Ryan will pick apart the Steelers if he has all day in the pocket…The Steelers must pressure Ryan…Make him move his feet…Force throws. I have to be honest…Ryan is decent…I don’t view him as an elite quarterback…I don’t think he has the ability to make plays against this defensive pressure.

The Falcons will move around Roddy White who is an elite NFL wide receiver. Ike should be able to handle White in coverage…Fad I am little concerned about…Fad has been struggling to locate the deep ball in the air the past two seasons. The Steelers must account for and locate White in coverage…He is the vertical play maker who can change the game…If the Falcons manage to matchup White and Wille Gay then I will be shitting myself. Brian Finneran is expected to get the start opposite of Roddy White…Finneran is a big tall receiver who has been robbed of his athleticism due to 3 knee injuries…Finneran is a threat on fade patterns not much else. The Falcons receivers are elite blockers…The Steelers corners have to take on blockers with bad intentions. Harry Douglas the Falcons slot receiver is a poor mans Wes Welker…He will catch short ball control routes to move the chains…The Steelers must punish him when he touches the ball. The Falcons will attempt to sneak Eric Weems into the passing game…Weems is lightening in a bottle with the ability to score from anywhere on the field. Tony Gonzalez maybe ancient but he is still a big time threat in the passing game…The Steelers backers and safeties have to make plays on the ball…They must make Gonzalez take hits if he wants to catch the ball….Gonzalez wants to catch the ball and find the sideline or a soft spot to land if yards after the catch are not there…The Steelers must lay the wood any time he touches the ball. The Falcons 2nd tight end Justin Peelle is a very good blocker…Harrison and Woodley will have their hands full setting the edge…Gonzalez is a poor blocker…He will try…He just won’t be effective.

Special Teams

The Falcons are elite…The Steelers a work in progress…I pray for a stalemate.


Steelers 23

Falcons 16


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Horrible write-up, lots of effort but:

"I like Starks in this matchup [Abe]…He could end up getting his *** kicked…"

Right, way to take a stand

"Davis is not half the player he once was before the lower body injuries robbed him of his explosiveness."

What the h##l is he talking about?

"Ward is very physical…Owens is not."


"Unlike the Cowboys...Falcons don’t a pro bowl fullback."

Obviously never managed to watch Ovie

"Turner was injured a majority of last season…I think he is a quality runner who has taken a ton of hits over the past 3 seasons"

3 years ago. Turner had what, 40 carries?

He's got it set up so that if the steelers lose, his excuses are built in.

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