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Most beloved and hated Falcons

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Here are the results of your voting for the most beloved and disliked figures in the history of the Atlanta Falcons.

Reader comment: "My vote for most beloved would belong to Jessie Tuggle, who floored me with his drive, his talent, and his spirit." -- James, Atlanta, Ga.

Runner-up: Arthur Blank. This was a pretty close race, with Tuggle edging out the owner by fewer than 10 votes.

Disliked figure: Bobby Petrino

Reader comment: "My most disliked individual, Bobby Petrino. The reason for my vote is simply you never quit, no matter how bad something looks, it’s just the worst thing one can do while playing organized sports." -- Chris, Tulsa, Okla.

Runner-up: Michael Vick. These two dominated the voting in this category, but Petrino received more than double the amount of votes Vick did.

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My votes:

Most hated: Eugene Robinson. As much as I disliked Petrino and Vick, they didn't even have the chance to snatch a Super Bowl victory away from the fans of this team. Eugene Robinson did and he took full advantage. Man of the Year my @$$...

Most Beloved: Scott Case. I just missed seeing a headhunter in the secondary so the vote for him was nostalgic...

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As much as I hated Vick, I hated Petrino even more. Now that's saying something.

Tuggle, Deion, Bartkowski, and many many others were/are my favorites.

I voted Petrino for most hated, and AB for most beloved. I credit him for us being where we are. If he can make Home Depot what it is today, then he can bring a Sb to Atlanta. It's taken a couple of years/mistakes for him to learn the ins and outs of the NFL, but he's getting there. It's just a matter of time now.

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