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PFF: Falcons Have 10th Best Defensive Line


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Sorry yall, meant to post this like 6 hours ago before my laptop attempted hari kiri.

If you have ever checked out PFF, you know they love Babineaux over there. He was rated as the best defensive tackle in the league last year.

Of course, Babineaux ranked as our best player on the DL. They give Abe a little love, and...

Kroy Biermann is their "One to Watch"

I like that they recognize skill.

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Why? He'll just bring up Abraham's comments and say he trusts Abraham's comments more than this analyst.

Weren't Abe's comments just: "Anderson had a good camp."

I don't actually know, I don't read Gazoo threads.

But could you actually say anything less about a current teammate? If it's not: "Dude had an amazing camp, he will be a menace this year." I will take those comments as being: "He hasn't done enough to get canned, and I'm not about to bad mouth him right now."

I would take the word of an unbiased commentator who likes our defensive line based on the past few years of play above what someone tells the media.

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