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Power Rankings

1 Colts · Trends -

Don't get caught up in their preseason showing. It never matters with this team. They are the best team heading into the season, no matter what they showed the past month.

2 Cowboys · Trends -

Their offensive line has injury issues, but there is too much talent on this roster to rank them lower. Getting back 20 of 22 starters means something. Wade Phillips is likely coaching for his job again.

3 Falcons · Trends -

Are they higher than most will rank them? Probably so, but this is a talented team with a quarterback ready to take the next step. Those types of teams usually make big jumps.

4 Saints · Trends -

They will again have an explosive offense. I worry about the defense duplicating what it did last season. It will be hard to get 39 takeaways again.

5 Chargers · Trends -

They will have an easy time in their division. The tough part for Norv Turner is turning talent into a title.

6 Packers · Trends -

They are the trendy Super Bowl pick. I love Aaron Rodgers, and he just might be the MVP. But I think they're a year away from winning it all.

7 Patriots · Trends -

Too high? Not with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. The defense has concerns, but they will score a ton.

8 Bengals · Trends -

They've added some nice pieces to an offense that needed it. Carson Palmer bounces back in a big way. The defense will be suffocating.

9 Vikings · Trends -

Yes, they have their gunslinger back in Brett Favre. But they've lost a lot around him because of injuries. If they can handle things until they get truly healthy, they'll be around playoff time. That is, if Favre holds up.

10 Ravens · Trends -

This is Joe Flacco's team now. And he has weapons. That should translate to more points. They might need them. The corner situation on defense isn't good, and Ed Reed isn't around to save them.

11 Giants · Trends -

Don't forget the Giants were 5-0 to open the 2009 season. There is talent on this roster. The key will be how improved defensive coordinator Perry Fewell can make his unit.

12 Jets · Trends -

Here's what I have to say to all those out there putting the Jets in the Super Bowl: %*$@#. That's Ryan-speak for, "You're nuts."

13 Eagles · Trends -

It's all about Kevin Kolb. If he can show the Eagles made the right move to jettison Donovan McNabb, the Eagles will be in the playoffs. If not, Andy Reid will be open to a Philadelphia-style rip job. And he's a big target.

14 Steelers · Trends -

Four games with Dennis Dixon or Charlie Batch at quarterback would scare the heck out of me if I were the coach. Then there's the four-game layoff for Ben Roethlisberger. How will that hurt him? That's a lot to overcome.

15 Dolphins · Trends -

They are better than a year ago, but how much better? Chad Henne didn't wow people in the preseason. He has to be better if the Dolphins are to make the playoffs and validate the Tuna making all that money.

16 49ers · Trends -

This is the team most have pegged for a big leap forward. It's all on Alex Smith. If he improves, they just might do it. The coaching has to be better. Enough with the rah-rah stuff, and give me more X's and O's.

17 Raiders · Trends -

Don't laugh. I meant what I said. I think this team is much improved. They will push for a playoff berth. Really.

18 Cardinals · Trends -

I thought they'd be higher, but the quarterback mess really hurts them. The Cardinals coaches think this is their most talented team. It's too bad it might all go to waste because of quarterback play.

19 Titans · Trends -

I wasn't sure about the Titans for most of the summer. Now I think they might push for a wild-card spot. They are tough and physical, even though they are young. Speaking of young, it's all about Vince Young's growth.

20 Texans · Trends -

I love their passing game. It is explosive. But I'm not sold on that defense. And the expectations will weigh on this team.

21 Redskins · Trends -

Donovan McNabb and Mike Shanahan will make the Redskins competitive. But they play in a tough division. I see them as the fourth team in a four-team division.

22 Bears · Trends -

Jay Cutler will be under a ton of scrutiny. Can he handle it? Can he co-exist with Mike

Martz? Or will this be a disaster and the end of Lovie Smith?

23 Jaguars · Trends -

They say they will throw it more and better this season. I have to see it. They also have to show they can muster some sort of pass rush after getting just 14 sacks last season.

24 Broncos · Trends -

They've had a lot of big injuries this summer -- see Elvis Dumervil -- and those are hard to overcome for a team that can't afford them. Where do they get the big plays on offense?

25 Seahawks · Trends -

Pete Carroll to the rescue. Not this season. They have a lot of work to do to be a playoff team. Matt Hasselbeck looked good in the preseason, but can it carry over?

26 Panthers · Trends -

They have quarterback issues. That's never a good thing. And coach John Fox is a lame duck. He's a good coach, but how much will that impact this season?

27 Chiefs · Trends -

I just don't see why some think this is a team that will make a big move forward. They have way too many issues. Plus, Matt Cassel has to show me more.

28 Buccaneers · Trends -

If Josh Freeman can play without trouble as he recovers from that thumb injury, they should be better. They have some nice young players, starting with rookie receiver Mike Williams.

29 Lions · Trends -

They will be better. There is more talent, just not enough of it. Matt Stafford and Jahvid Best are nice building blocks on offense. They will be in a lot of shootouts.

30 Browns · Trends -

They looked good in the preseason on offense, but Jake Delhomme isn't that good. They are making progress. Too bad Eric Mangini won't be around to enjoy it.

31 Rams · Trends -

Sam Bradford will learn on the job. That's the right approach to take. He will be a star, so why not play him now?

32 Bills · Trends -

They have quarterback issues, which is the same old story. The good news is rookie C.J. Spiller might be the next Chris Johnson, and they will likely have the first pick in next April's draft.

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4 Saints · Trends -

They will again have an explosive offense. I worry about the defense duplicating what it did last season. It will be hard to get 39 takeaways again.

Fa sho. It will be even harder to lead the league with 8 defensive TDs again. Especially with the guy that got most of em missing at least the first six games.

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As much as I love the Falcons, I don't understand these rankings.

You know what - they should start the season the way they ended up last year - then let the play on the field determine the next weeks rankings.

If you took 5 of these rankings by the "experts", all 5 would be different.

It's an opinion and a crap-shoot.

I have to say I'm with Rev on this one -


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Thanks man. Falken made it for me.

He made a sig for me too but I can't get it to display. I think it may be too big, however it displays in his post. Any suggestions?

Vervy nice sig, but my friend, you're asking the wrong man, i'm a bit inept in such matters.



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Meh, these predictions and power rankings should be taken with a grain of salt. Everytime the Steelers won the Super Bowl, they opened that next season as "repeat contenders" and ranked #1 in pre-season rankings. Of course we didn't make the playoffs both times. The years that we won he Super Bowl or any other year we dominated or made DEEP playoff runs, we were the middle of the pack team according to the rankings preseason. Nothing really to look into. But the observations are fun for fans to interact with.

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