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Crowell recap


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I know im a bit late with my Crowell recap of Friday nights game. Been recooperating from my long weekend.

First off, Crowell is the real deal. Mark Richt showed upon about 30 minutes prior to kickoff with Coach McClendon and they both stayed all the way until about 3 minutes left in the game. Gene Chizik also showed up but he left before halftime was over with.

Crowell's O-Line did not open up alot of holes for Crowell, but when they did, he let loose. He was held in check for the most part in the first half except for a 20 yarder late in the 2nd quarter in which he fumbled. Right before the 3rd Quarter ended, he broke loose on a 90 yard TD run. At about the 25 yard line he made a cut back between 2 guys and he was off to the races. No Buford player was within 5 yards once he turned on the jets. In the 4th quarter, he wore the Buford D down with 5-6 yard gains each time he got the ball. Also as most have already heard, Crowell did give Richt a hug on the 90 yard td run. H9is pass blocking was good and he also has good hands out of the backfield. The only negative about him is his temper. He was involved in alot of incidents after the whistle had blown.

Also, Gabe Wright is HUGE. He is very quick and has good stamina. I dont recall him missing a single play the whole game. He absolutely demolished a RB on 3rd and short. I think he felt real good about Richt being there (and staying the whole game). I think that helps alot with him. Chizik got there late and left at halftime.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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Showing fight and unwillingness to back down can be good things if they are kept in check. Hopefully Crowell keeps it on the field showing he's setting up shop wherever the defender wants to be and he doesn't let it get out of hand.

I love to see a RB get up after taking a shot and show that he's not intimidated. But if he's just mouthing off or getting in little shoves, I really hope that gets dealt with.

Crowell looks like a beast of a RB though. I'd love to see him in Athens, especially if he gets his attitude right.

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