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Would It Make Sense to Pick Up Justin Hartwig and Move Bruggeman to PS?


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When the Falcons released Romberg (still listed as #2 on the depth chart) I was concerned about a worst case scenario in which McClure went down and suddenly, we have a fourth round rookie or a 2nd year PS player at a position which requires a considerable level of experience and sophistication. I like the idea of drafting and grooming Hawley as McClure's replacement, but I thought it would be better to keep Romberg around this year for his experience if McClure was injured.

Now that Justin Hartwig, who started the last two years at Pittsburgh, has been released, it seems like he would be a perfect, albeit possibly expensive (he could command between 1-2 million) insurance policy. Plus, he could be valuable this week to the defensive front seven regarding the Steelers' blocking schemes/signals.

It's been a while since I posted . . . be gentle.

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If it is going to happen, it will happen very soon. But it ain't gonna happen. Way too pricey. Why pay more for the insurance than the insured risk is worth? Hartwig would cost more than some of our OL STARTERS.

yea just like when people said revis would "command" a 120 mil plus contract but look what he got. You people on this msg board swear up and down a player will want a certain amount of money but dont really know anything.

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