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My SEC Power Rankings after Week 1


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Here's my SEC Power Rankings after Week 1. Some may agree. Some may disagree. Feel free to post your rankings as well. Here we go....

1. Bama - No starting RB no problem. Should be a good game against Penn St next week.

2. Florida - I know they looked sloppy but I'm sure Urban will get it fixed.

3. UGA - New Qb looked great. New Defense looked great. Real season starts in Columbia

4. USC - Spurrier has Gamecock fans excited and they should be.

5. Arkansas - Quitrino has the Hogs ready to go.

6. Auburn - Looked shakey early but finally took care of business.

7. LSU - Struggled against a down UNC team. Have lots of work to do.

8. Kentucky - Good win over a down Louisville team. Could pull an upset or 2 later on

9. Tennessee - Real test with the Ducks next week

10. Miss State - The Auburn game on Thurs. night will tell us a lot.

11. Vandy - Almost beat a good bowl team in Northwestern.

12. Ole Miss - Jacksonville St. nuff said.

what say you???

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I agree that we should reserve judgement but if we are going on last weeks performance how can uf possibly be #2? I pretty much agree with everything else but would put uf below auburn based on last weeks performance

While I totally agree and understand your argument about UF, they are still the team to beat in the East until somebody beats them. In the words of Ric Flair, "To be the man, you gotta beat the man".

While Florida obviously struggled, it's really hard to gauge a team by the first game. If it were up to me, Florida would lose the rest of their games!!! However, this weekend showed that the SEC East is pretty much up for grabs this year. Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida all have realistic shots as of right now of winning the East. These next couple weeks should be really interesting.

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