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Matt Ryan Era


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As far as the NFL goes, this is what nfl cities dream about. I am thankful to Arthur Blank for what happened over the last few years. 11-5 and 9-7 after what amounted to be certain disaster with the Petrino/Vick/Hall nightmare. This thread is not about these people tho. I was only using their names to remind everyone where we were and how the term "Rise Up" came about.

Blank is not a quitter! He did not sit around feeling sorry for himself and allowing circumstances to dictate who the Falcons were going to be. He rose up and mades wholelsale changes. A new GM, Coach, and some brilliant drafting led us to where we are. The drafting of Smart, team first players along with the release of those who did not fit the mold, have put us on the threshold of a 2010 season that ALL OF US are eagerly awaiting with a GREAT DEAL OF ANTICIPATION. The last two seasons were not lucky, but accomplished with clear strategies and hard work. This year will not be easy and this team is up for the challenge. The new era continues and I am pumped!!!!

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