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Fifty-three reasons to be intrigued heading into the season


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Two of the 53 are our very own Matt Ryan and The Beerman sorry if posted and title misleading

18. Matt Ryan

It's Year 3 for Ryan, and he must prove he can be consistently accurate with the football. This is a big year for Ryan and a big year for the Falcons. I wonder, based on the preseason, if they still think Dunta Robinson -- who they signed to a big offseason deal -- is the shutdown corner they hoped for?

49. Kroy Biermann

He is one of those players most of America has never heard of, but he is a talented pass rusher and the second best player on the Falcons' defense.

hmmm idk about beerman being our second best player on the D IMO it be Lofton DeCoud and so on but the Beerman will be good

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D Robinson barely played in preseason, i cant see how anyone will be able to judge him based on the amount of playing time in preseason.

barley??? thats not even close, he didnt even touch the field lol.... i hope he is not rusty come game time, practice is one thing, but game play is another....

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People give way too much credit to the Preseason. I'm not knocking Biermann, but to say he's our 2nd best defensive player right now has to be basing it off of the Preseason.

1. Bab's

2. Abraham

3. Lofton

4. DeCoud

5. Robinson

6. Biermann

In that order as it stands right now. I know some would like to put Lofton over Abraham, and they may be right this coming season. I just think (maybe it's hope) Abraham will be more like his 2008 form this season. Abraham at the top of his game has a bigger impact than Lofton and DeCoud.

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