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53 things to watch this season

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link: http://www.nfl.com/kickoff/story/09000d5d81a4bf94/article/fiftythree-reasons-to-be-intrigued-heading-into-the-season?module=HP_cp2

18. Matt Ryan

It's Year 3 for Ryan, and he must prove he can be consistently accurate with the football. This is a big year for Ryan and a big year for the Falcons. I wonder, based on the preseason, if they still think Dunta Robinson -- who they signed to a big offseason deal -- is the shutdown corner they hoped for?

49. Kroy Biermann

He is one of those players most of America has never heard of, but he is a talented pass rusher and the second best player on the Falcons' defense.

pretty standard comments about ryans third year, but nice to see Biermann getting noticed again

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I wonder how Jerry is considered a better player than Biermann. He's played in less games than I've had meals today.

It's all speculative, the writer thinks Biermann is the second best, so he wrote that.

first of all, wow you eat a lot

second you know how writers do, he jut looked at The Beerman's stats and went, hey this guy had 5.5 sacks, Babs had a 6 ... he's the 2nd best player on defense, typing with a big ole grin on his face.

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Lombardi made that comment about Dunta on the show and I was like What!?

He said - he hasn't shown me he's a shutdown corner in the preseason games - the Falcons ranked 21st in defense last year and I didn't see any improvement.

My chin hit my chest. I was like - what the heck is he talking about? First, Dunta didn't play in the preseason games.

Second - we ranked 4th in overall game stats for defense in the preseason and 3rd against the pass. We were 15th against the rush - but that isn't really what you call a shutdown corner's job, is it?

This really irritates me about this guy. He's always spouting off information without looking up the information. It's very obvious that he doesn't actually watch the Falcons, so where does he get this information? I'd really love to know.

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