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Crowell 90 yard touchdown run.


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Question for you Sac,

Obviously UGA's pro style offense is appealing to top RB recruits. A sophisticated pro style offense requires the RB to be an excellent blocker and it has also been documented that UGA will not play a RB until he learns all blocking assignments. We've seen it in the past when they prefer not to start a true freshman RB. Do you believe Crowell wants to make sure he plays from day 1? Could this hurt us at all with other gimmicky offenses that other teams run?

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Yes sir, that was Richt and B-Mac down there...not sure why Chad didn't show the whole video...if he would have shown another 5 seconds we would have gotten to see Crowell give Richt a "bro-hug" and you would have heard the crowd go wild.

I think I answered my own question today...maybe you can tell me if I am right or wrong, Sac, but Chad must have cut that part out of the video because it is apparently a violation for an athlete and a college coach to share anything other than a handshake...who would have thunk it...oh well, if it leads to another secondary recruiting violation than I am glad Richt did it :lol:

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