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How to make your TATF's experience go a little smoother


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Most of you probably already know this, but it's obvious to me that some don't. I see replies saying, "This thread has gone 10 pages!" I look at my screen and I see 5 pages. If you wanna see double the post and threads you're seeing now on your monitor, it's easy to do:

Go to My Settings > Forums > # of topics to show for each topic page and change that # to 40. Then right underneath that, # of topics to show for each forum page: Change that # to 40 as well.

There's also other cool things you can do in My Settings, like get an e-mail notification for every PM you are sent. You can also click on "Watch Topic" at he top of every thread you're interested in and get an e-mail notification as well whenever anyone replies in that particular thread. Of course, this only works if you have an e-mail notifier that pops up on your monitor and lets you know: "You've got mail". Otherwise, you'd have to constantlky check your e-mails and that's no good.

Ok so I know this ain't TATF's, but someone pointed this all out to me way back when and I thought I'd just pass along the favor. No charge.B)

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Oh dear god, once I start drinking tequilla I have a hard time stopping.

Patron Silver is the best dammm thing since sliced bread.

along with Sol Beer and a bunch of limes wink.gif

**** I killed a rather large bottle of Patron @ the Falcons Pats preseason game :) (Company Suite) and I dig Sol but not with limes.

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