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Apparently we offered a trade for TJ

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We will see. If we do get him everyone will be like YAAAA Way to Go TD We all wanted him best thing ever!

If we dont get him everyone will be like HES TOO OLD he sucks bla bla bla

My opinion posted ftr above. But I will pull for him anyway, if he ends up donning the red & black. Just how I roll....

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Dont really care if we get him or not, glad we didnt give anything up for him though. Also I have to ask if all these teams offered the Seahawks something why was he cut and not traded? You think they would want something for him instead of getting nothing and taking on his contract.

Very good point. I think sometimes these reporters speculate and make stuff up they think will sound legit.

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Whether the dude is old or not, it would be ridiculous to see him out wide with roddy, harry in the slot, and Gonzo at TE. and add Jenks in with 4 WR sets? Nasty.

Exactly!! Dont see why some are so opposed to getting him. He had 79 catches last year and is a huge upgrade over MJ. Best of all...it wont cost us any draft picks.

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On Twitter - there are conflicting reports that Minnesota has already signed him.

Here is one link: My link

Once again, a SOURCE says #Vikings have signed former #Seahawks WR TJ Houshmanzadah - can not personally confirm nor deny...

43 minutes ago via web

Reply Retweet Source: #Vikings cut WR Javon Walker (former #Packers WR) and sign WR TJ Houshmanzadah who was cut by #Seahawks today... #NFLCuts

about 1 hour ago via web

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