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Falcons Preparing for Uncertainty in Season Opener vs. Steelers

The Janitor

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The Falcons have no idea what they are going to see from the Steelers offense in the season opener on Sept. 12: the old guy Charlie Batch or a bunch of special run packages for Dennis Dixon?

The knee injury to the Pittsburgh quarterback Byron Leftwich in the preseason finale Thursday night against Carolina means the Steelers will probably use two quarterbacks.

Leftwich, a tough-as-nails runner, had the long windup to his throwing motion. You could see it coming. Dixon is the artful dodger, a sprint out guy. Batch is a thrower, but he would take off with the Lions, too.

How do the Falcons prepare? Will it be the pocket passer, or the guy that moves the pocket.

Dixon threw a 23-yard touchdown pass and did not play much after that. Batch took the snaps. It could be that Mike Tomlin, the Steelers coach, was not going to take any chances with Dixon and got him out of there. After all, Batch was likely going to be cut. How does a quarterback that is going to be cut suddenly get to be the starter?

As for Ben Roethlisberger, the starter, he needs to sit six games, not four. It is unbelievable the NFL caved and reduced his penalty Friday.

Either way, another NFC South team, the Buccaneers, won't have to see him. They play Pittsburgh in Week 3.

The Steelers look to be in a very serious situation at quarterback,,thought this may b an intersting article to sit on...

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