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Revisiting the Saints '09


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With all of the talk about how bad Grimes is I went back to look at last seasons highlights. I then ran across this link.

Ryan, Norwood, and Turner didn't play. We were a missed field goal, a bad pass interference call , and a dropped TD away from killing the Aints. You have to watch this a couple of times , paying attention to who was getting exploited on our D see that all of the off seasons moves were made to beat the Aints.

Spoon was brought in to add speed to the LB corps. They were burned in the passing game a lot.

Dunta was brought in to replace Chrisp Houston.

Moore is an upgrade at safety... even though he is not an off season acquisition.

Franks gives you a big, physical corner

Peters and Jerry gives the push up the middle we haven't had since Wade Philips

Our D is faster, more physical, deeper and better. The Saints haven't gotten significantly better ( on paper). If anything they will be worse with the injuries they have. I think we beat them... convincingly.

Who dey, tink dey are? RISE UP!

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The Falcons and Saints rivalry has always been a heated and hard hitting affair. We have the offensive weapons to match them but, now is the time for our new fast and fearsome defense to "rise up".

No offence but you don't have the offensive power to match the saints that's why you have a 19th ranked offense and we have a number 1.

I agree we have a rivalry and if you look back the past 6 or 7 yrs all of our games have been close with the exception of 2.

Also ou can look at that video all you that the op posted but look whose playing defense for us also if you mind.

That qb played lights out against us, with matt Ryan throwing 3 int's in the first meeting in Nola. Here to 2 injury free games.

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