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The Falcons Must have a Lot of Faith in...

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I'll never understand this organization...so why do I even bother...? :blink:

Is he really that good that he don't have to go out and play a single down in preseason?

OR is he hurting a little more that they once believed? -_-

Whatever it may be...I sure hope he's worth the hype. :mellow:

Did you ever think perhaps they might know a little more about him than you...like how to spell his name? How about you leave it up to the people that actually know him to choose what he needs to do before the season starts.

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Ok, I personally believe a few things about Dunta Robinson. First, he's a better CB than what we've been forced to watch for a long long time.

Second, he wanted to come here, he was quoted as saying once his agent told him the Falcons were a possibility, he stopped listening to anything about any other team.

third, yes he has an injury and had an off year last year after coming back from that, but, most of the experts/pundits agree that most of the time it takes closer to 2 years to fully recover from that, and I think he's over that.

fourth - i think the "tight hamstring" downplayed way more than just a little bit

fifth - i think that he's been practicing, and responding well, and he's been held out of PS games to avoid risking any further injury in a 'doesn't count' meaningless game.

lastly, I believe when he gets on the field at Pittsburg, he'll be ready to play, and he'll play well. The staff we have here knows much better than any of us of his status and readiness.

just my thoughts and opinions, whether you agree or disagree

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Maybe I'm wrong, but I see this as no different than the coaches/FO protecting their investment in Matt Ryan. Everyone on here wanted to see him play more in preseason his first year, and even after decent showings, I think most were surprised at what we got when the season started. No point in laying out that kind of cash, only to end up w/the dude unable to play.

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