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Chevis cut = No Liability at CB


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For years this Falcons team has always had one CB that when they got on the field was always abused by QB's and was a complete liability. Seriously some of these CB's were so bad it would have been better to just play 10 on 11

Jason Webster= Toasted, slow, injured alot

Allen Rossum= Abused everytime he saw the field, great PR and KR though

Toast Williams= The original toast

Houston= Neck fused, was our worst liability cause he started so many games, 1 PI call a game guaranteed.

Tye Hill= quick experiment that failed

And these are just examples over the last few years. I'm sure I missed someone. We always have at least one CB that manages to stay on the team but when he hits the field it's like a HUGE hole opens up in our defense and average QB's just eat us alive.

Well this year we have ONE CB that fits in this category: Chevis Jackson

Please TD cut him, if he is cut for the first time in probably a decade we will not have a CB on our roster that is so bad that they become a huge liability for the team.

The closest player to a liability would be Williams, but he can play safety and once he gets the rust off he should be a pretty good backup.

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